We do NOT make appointments. It's first come first serve.
We have a 48-hour rain check policy for our Brodie Lane and Hwy 183 customers. Just bring your receipt back and we'll wash it again for free.
Yes, available at all three locations.
Service for a single detail package generally takes between 30-60 minutes. If you have requested a complete detail with more than one package, that should take approximately 2 hours, but all depends on our volume for that particular day.
Yes. We can service your car while you're away, but pickups must be same day during normal business hours.  However, we cannot be held responsible for any cars that have not been picked up before closing time and left overnight.
No. We use a special conditioner that's specifically for leather only. This is to ensure that leather seats and dashboards do not weather and crack.
We use the Rhino-mat equipment. It's the industry leader in automotive floor mat cleaning systems. One simple 30 second process is all it takes for vehicle mats to be washed, dried to the touch and ready to go.
You should always refer to your owner's manual, but in general it's recommended that cars in Texas should be waxed every 90 days containing Carnauba wax. It polishes, shines and protects your paint and is always applied by hand at the Palms.
Yes, we can fix that problem for you. Foggy headlights can become a hazard because they weaken the strength of the light. This is especially dangerous in limiting the visibility of the roads when you're driving in rural areas that have little to no street lights.
Yes, you should open your windows and allow the carpets to air dry for about 24 hours for optimum results.
Yes, but only at our South Austin location on Brodie Lane. We do exterior handwashing as well as interior cleaning for both. However, due to variances in sizes we don't have set price for these services. You must bring the vehicle in for an on-site inspection before we're able to quote a price.
It's recommended to wash all soft top convertibles by hand only. However, hard top convertibles are safe to run through our tunnel.
Yes, you can also purchase gift certificates at either one of our locations. The cards can be redeemed for both exterior wash and/or detail services as needed. You can also purchase online by clicking on our Home page and we will ship it to you within 3 business days.
You will stay inside your vehicle and one of our attendants will help direct your vehicle onto the automated track before they pre-wash your car.
We take both cash and credit cards, but we do not accept checks.
We do not recommend any vehicle to go through our tunnel unless all exterior parts are from the original manufacturer. In this case it's advised to have a customized vehicle handwashed at our Brodie Lane location.